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Noel McLoughlin - Former Garda Superintendent
Talk to former Garda Superintendent Noel McLoughlin on 087 250 8958.

Why GardaIP

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose GardaIP

1. Our Results:
97% success rate – since our inception we have prepared hundreds of Garda Applicants and serving members for interviews. Our success rate is unrivalled at 97%.

2. Our One-to One Tuition:
We are the only company that offers intensive one-to-one sessions where the sole focus is on preparing you for your interview. Our one-to-one session enables candidates to optimise their success rates – our aim is to improve your personal performance and personal delivery. Remember, you will be interviewed by the Garda Selection Board as an individual, not as a group.

3. Our Credibility:
Noel McLoughlin is a former member of the Garda Interview Board at the Public Appointments Service and has served on numerous interview boards for internal appointments within An Garda Siochana.

Course Content

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Garda IP Course Content

Garda IP allows you to take benefit from the years of knowledge, expertise and understanding offered by high-ranking officers who understand what An Garda Síochana seek in a candidate.

With a success rate of over 97% Garda IP will help you to maximise your chances and allow you to present yourself in the best light from initial application to panel interview.

Garda IP offers a tailored service for the following:

  • Assistance with initial application to make the best impression at Stage 1
  • Advice on all stages of Garda Selection process
  • One-to-one tuition sessions to prepare for Stage 3 interview
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News & Tips
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Interview Form Success

Interview Form Success

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The Garda Aptitude Test

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Tips on Competencies for Application Form

Tips on Competencies for Application Form

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