Interview Form Assistance

Writing your application is the first step of a long process when applying to join An Garda Síochana, and it is where many people unwittingly let themselves down.

As the numbers of potential candidates are so large, your application is your first opportunity to stand out from the crowd and should be carefully written.

The competition for selection is tough and consists of an initial application; psychometric testing and finally the selection interview.

Noel Mcloughlin can help maximise your application to best showcase your skills and abilities, and show how they translate well into the role of a Garda. Once you are notified by the public appointments service to submit your interview form, contact Noel immediately on 087-2508958.

Attention to detail on your application form is vital and from excellent spelling and grammar to succinct, structured information, you will be shown how to best communicate your strengths.

From an initial application for members of the public who seek to join An Garda Síochana; to Garda Reserves who wish to pursue a career in the full-time Force, to currently serving members of An Garda Síochana who seek internal promotion or moves to specific units, your application will set the tone for future success and merits close attention.