Garda Interview Preparation

Expert Guidance on completing Application Form (Garda Trainees) and Self Assessment Form (used for internal Garda Promotions):

GardaIP offers expert advice and direction on completing the Garda Entry Application Form and the Internal Promotion Self-Assessment Form.

The form is used as the basis for conducting the competency based panel interview.

We will:

  • Evaluate your experiences and strengths in the key areas.
  • Carve out your unique experiences against each competency.
  • Ensure the language you are using cuts through – is professional and business-like.

Expert One-to-One Preparation for Stage 3 Panel Interview:

We offer one-to-one expert tuition and personal expertise on how to best manage your performance in the competency based panel interview.

Our service is highly individualised for each person.

At our one-to-one 3 hour session we carefully review everything you are going to cover in the interview; hone and tailor your examples and demonstrate your abilities on all of the core competencies the interview panel will be assessing.