Garda Interview Preparation Course

One-to-one Preparation

The Garda IP interview preparation course offers each candidate one-to-one expert tuition and personal expertise on how to best manage their performance in the panel interview.

Designed to help each person convey their skills in the most compelling of ways, the intensive one-to-one interview preparation session will address the following:

  • Rapport building
  • Overview of the Garda Interview process
  • Appropriate clothing for interview
  • How to greet and address interview panel
  • Tips and methods to allow pause for thought
  • Detailed cover of core competencies sought by Garda Interview panel
  • Detailed review of specific, personal examples and development thereof
  • Detailed review of candidates’ skills such as communication; teamwork; ability to deal with situations in a calm manner; attention to detail; volunteerism, etc.

Comprehensive Service

The Garda IP service is all-encompassing and comprehensive for each candidate, and highly individualised for each person.

The course will allow you to carefully review everything you are going to cover in the interview; hone and tailor your examples and demonstrate your abilities on all of the core competencies the interview panel will be looking for.

As part of the Garda IP service candidates may also make contact with questions, concerns, seek further advice before the interview, etc.

Candidates are invited to follow up subsequent to the interview.