Tips on Competencies for Application Form

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A great deal of experience is at your disposal with Garda IP, as you can benefit from the years of expertise and the knowledge the former high-ranking officers have on details of competencies required at all levels of the force and how you, as a candidate, can best demonstrate them.

Here is some work you can start to prepare to begin the process of getting ready for competency based selection.

Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana

The core competencies for An Garda Síochana are as follows:

  • Resilience
  • Serving the Public
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Commitment to the Role.

List all these competencies and then think of several examples for each. These examples should show how you behaved in a way that demonstrates the competency being examined. The more examples, the better, as you’re going to whittle them down.

Now narrow down the examples to two really good, clear ones for each competency.

If you’re filling out the application, it’s better to have one solid example than a couple of mediocre ones.

Garda IP can help you ensure you’re showing your best, and also help you have other examples lined up for the interview.

If you have trouble remembering specifics, go back through your work documentation.

If you’re a serving member of the force and applying for a lateral transfer or promotion, go through your notebook.

If you are a potential new recruit from another background, go through your work emails and it will jog your memory.

Structuring your Examples

There is a way to structure your examples that make them easy for you to discuss and easy for a panel to evaluate: the CAR structure




Context: Outline the context in a couple of neat sentences – what problem or situation were you faced with that you had to overcome?

Action: What exactly did you do? Each sentence should encapsulate a succinct point of action you undertook that helped address the situation.

Result: what happened as a direct result of your action? Was the result favourable and did you learn anything?

Concise, informative, concrete

Ensure your examples and summations are very concise but informative, particularly in the application.

You can always expand on the examples in the interview is required.

Make sure that each example has a very clear correlation to the competency you want to demonstrate, and make sure you use your own words.

Make sure your examples deal with concrete facts, not theoretical or philosophical ideas.

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