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Irish Language Assessment – GardaIP has you covered   If you are getting ready for the 2021 Garda Recruitment campaign and are concerned about the second language requirement then read on!   One of the requirements for the position of Garda Trainee is that candidates must have 2 languages at Leaving Certificate level. If your qualifications do not meet this standard you may […]Garda Recruitment 2021 October 14th 2020: The Government has announced funding is being provided to train up to 620 new Garda recruits. There are currently 14,500 Gardaí and the accelerated recruitment programme commits to bringing that number up to 15,000 by the end of 2021. Since March of this year GardaIP has been inundated with queries from potential candidates […]Garda Pay Scale and Benefits Garda Trainees will receive an allowance of €184 per week for the 34 weeks of training at the Garda Training College Templemore.  €184 may sound like a small sum but it’s important to note that accommodation and food is provided free of charge by the Garda College. Garda Trainees attest or graduate from Phase 1 […]Expert Tips on Preparing for the Stage 3 Garda Trainee Interview The interview is the first opportunity An Garda Siochana has to meet you. Therefore, you want to make a good impression. Your goal is to convince them that you possess the qualities of a good Garda. Before you even enter the interview room, there are several things you will want to consider in preparation for […]10 more Expert Tips for your Stage 3 Garda Trainee Interview The Stage 3 Panel Interviews are set to commence mid-August.  Here are my top tips to succeed at this critical stage of the application process.   Ensure that you have prepared yourself well in advance for the interview by doing your research on the key requirements and responsibilities of a Garda Trainee. One of the […]NOW OPEN: 2019 Garda Campaign A new 2019 Garda Recruitment Campaign has been launched by the Minister of Justice for Garda Trainees. The Public Appointments Service are the centralised recruiter for an Garda Síochána and will process candidates on their behalf. Applications can only be made on the PAS website. A full list of eligibility criteria can be found in the official Information […]What are Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana Trainees? What are Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana Trainees? All levels of An Garda Síochana now use competency-based interviews to determine the merits and suitability of candidates. From potential new recruits, to serving Gardaí who want to apply for specialist units or internal promotion, everyone has to master competency- based interview techniques as they are […]The Physical Test – Requirements for An Garda Síochana Physical Requirements and Competencies General fitness is very important, as the job can demand sudden bursts of speed after sitting in a car all day, or physical demands that are impossible to anticipate. You should always be in good general health to perform well in any job, but you never know what your day will […]Garda Trainee Stage 3 Competencies The first batch of successful Stage 2 candidates will be notified this week about their Stage 3 Panel Interviews at the PAS offices in Dublin. It’s both an exciting and daunting time for applicants as they navigate competency based interviews, often for the first time! In advance of being called for your Stage 3 Competency […]Application Form Success Preparing the Garda Trainee Application Form I cannot emphasise enough the importance of preparing a well-constructed and professional Garda Trainee Application Form. The form provides you with a gilt edged opportunity to present your personal achievements to date that demonstrates the competencies and necessary skills & qualities required for a career in An Garda Siochana. […]

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What to be a Garda? Listen to Noel McLoughlin’s interview with Sean O’Rourke on RTE Radio

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Application Form Assistance

As the numbers of potential candidates are so large, your application is your first opportunity to stand out from the crowd and should be carefully written. GardaIP can help maximize your application to best showcase your skills and abilities.


Stage 1

Our Online Tutorials will prepare you with total confidence to be ready to take the Assessment Questionnaire and the Garda Aptitude tests (Verbal & Logical Reasoning) Practice at your own pace around your own schedule – on the go or in your own home!​


Stage 2 Assessment Centre

Our Online Tutorials​ will prepare you with total confidence to be ready to sit the Garda Aptitude tests (Verbal & Logical Reasoning), Job Simulation Exercises, and Report Writing. Practice at your own pace around your own schedule – on the go or in your own home!​



Stage 3 Competency Interview

GardaIP offers a dedicated one-to-one session (Face-to-Face or Video Conference) on preparing for the Stage 3 Competency Interview. Beware of classroom tuition – Remember, you will be interviewed by the Garda Selection Board as an individual, not as a group.



Garda Internal Promotions

GardaIP offers a dedicated one-to-one session (Face-to-Face or Video Conference) to prepare you for internal promotion – Garda to Sergeant, Sergeant to Inspector, and Inspector to Superintendent.




Course Directors


Noel McLoughlin

Former Garda Superintendent Noel McLoughlin established GardaIP in 2006. Since then GardaIP has grown to become the premier and most trusted source for Garda Preparation courses.

Noel McLoughlin, a native of Westport Co Mayo, retired from An Garda Siochana after a distinguished career. He served at various ranks in the Dublin Metropolitan Area, and in Divisions of Cavan/Monaghan, Cork, Westmeath, Garda HQ, and Community Relations.

He was a member of the Garda Interview Panel at the Public Appointments Service (PAS) since its inception in 1996.

Noel also served on numerous interview boards for internal appointments within the organisation. He is a past President of the Association of Garda Superintendents and has had extensive media exposure throughout his career.

Noel is a regular contributor to national media discussions on the Garda Recruitment process and has featured on RTE TV and RTE Radio, TV3, Today FM, and Newstalk.

Contact Noel McLoughlin on 087 250 8958


Noel-John McLoughlin
Recognizing a gap in the market for quality Garda Entry Preparation, Noel-John McLoughlin established Garda Interview Preparation in 2006. 

Holding an EMCC accredited Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching, McLoughlin has mentored and prepared a significant number of candidates for both public and private sector appointments specialising in matching competencies against individual skill sets and personal achievements.

Noel-John McLoughlin is qualified to British Psychological Society standards in Psychometric Testing. He has tutored candidates for Aptitude Tests and Competency Interviews from recruitment level to senior management positions in large public and private sector organizations.

McLoughlin has held senior marketing and commercial positions with L’Oreal, Britvic, and Failte Ireland.

He holds a Bachelor of Business & Law from UCD, a Masters in Marketing from the Michael Smurfit School of Business, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland. Noel-John was also nominated by Business & Finance magazine as one of the top 100 Marketers in Ireland.

Contact Noel-John McLoughlin on 086 838 6791