Advantages of GardaIP for Interview Preparation

There are many benefits to utilising the services of Garda IP for preparation for your Garda Interview, but one of the most beneficial elements must be the one-on-one coaching.

Although Garda IP is no longer the only Garda Interview Preparation course on the block, it is the only one offering the 100% dedicated one-to-one tutoring and coaching.

Individual, intense session

Noel McLoughlin strongly feels that in order to really understand the candidate and prepare them to be the best they can be on the day, the preparation must be done with individuals rather than in a group setting.

People can become reticent in a group setting, as group dynamics invariably take over. Also, in a group setting the flow of information tends to be only one way – that is, the group listen – rather than the back and forth enabled by an individualised session.

The intensive half-day course is designed to bring a laser-like focus to the candidates in order to allow them to best showcase their skillsets and competencies at the interview.

Garda Interview deliberately challenging

The interview itself is run by a panel and is deliberately challenging – more so than other interviews would be for a different type of job.

Candidates must have a very strong sense of as to why – precisely – they wish to become a Garda, as the nature of the job means it is not suited to everyone.

As a retired Superintendent with years of experience in a variety of roles within the Gardaí, Noel McLoughlin has seen it all.

He also has a strong awareness of the qualities that make a genuinely good Garda. Having sat on many panels himself, as well as working with hundreds of young trainees, Noel understands the process from both sides and is well placed to give the most effective advice and guidance as evidenced by his over 97% success rate.

What to expect from Garda IP

In your dedicated one to one session, Noel will prepare you on how to give concrete examples of your skills; how they translate to police work; how to demonstrate your competencies and how to remain calm under pressure.

He will advise you on how to dress for your interview, how to greet the panel, how to give easily relatable examples of Resilience, Interpersonal Skills, Judgement & Decision Making and Delivery of Results that are specific and personal to you.

This level of detail can only be gleaned from a one-to-one session, which is why you will be ready for the probing and challenging questions of the panel. You will have a greater understanding of why the panel ask the questions they do; how to answer clearly and concisely with appropriate detail, and more importantly how to do so with confidence to create the optimal impression

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