Garda Sergeant Competency Interview

Garda Sergeant Competency Interview

Undoubtedly the best in the market, GardaIP offers a dedicated one-to-one session on preparing for the Stage 2 Sergeant Competency Interview

Stage 2 of the selection process comprises a competitive interview and will be conducted online. You will be interviewed in a remote supervised environment. The platform the PAS will be using for the interviews is the Zoom remote video conferencing facility.

The interview will last approximately 40 minutes and you will be assessed on how you have demonstrated the following competencies in your Garda career to date.

  1. Evaluation, Judgement & Decision Making
  2. Organising and Managing Delivery
  3. Relationships & Effective Communication
  4. Supervising to Achieve High Standards of Service Delivery
  5. Leading on Inclusivity and Results\
  6. Resilience & Wellbeing

You must also be mindful of the scope of the Garda Sergeant role and how your experience to date maps onto that role. In other words, you must demonstrate to the Interview Panel how you are uniquely equipped today to fill the role of a Garda Sergeant.

Our one-to-one Zoom or face-to-face session will cover the following:

  • Professional advice for preparing for the Zoom interview i.e. easing nerves, optimum lighting, camera position, building rapport
  • Practical advice for perfecting your performance on the day. How to structure your responses to their questions. Insider tips on how stronger scoring candidates answer the questions.
  • Most importantly I will assist you in articulating your relevant examples for each competency and how to give structured, succinct, informative evidence on how your examples relate to the 6 core competencies of a Garda Sergeant.
  • I will ‘war-game’ your examples i.e. pick them apart so we can anticipate the follow-on questions from the Interview Panel.
  • I will also help you narrow down the best examples, and help you in lining up some back-up examples fully prepared if you need them during the interview, you are never caught off-guard and can remain confident and calm under pressure.
  • 20 minute refresher phone call prior to your interview.