Garda Interview Preparation from High Ranking Officer

95% Success Rating from Garda Interview Preparation

If you want to maximise your chances of succeeding in the crucial the interview stage in the application process to join An Garda Síochana, you now have the option to get the very best of tips, hints and coaching from a retired high-ranking officer.

‘Garda IP’ is an interview preparation consultancy, managed by a former senior officer of An Garda Síochana, who has an unprecedented 95% success rating in helping candidates go from applicants to trainee Gardaí.

Former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin has had a long and distinguished career, and now focuses on assisting individuals who wish to become part of An Garda Síochana with their application process.

Garda IP success rate of over 95%

Former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin was a member of the Garda Interview Panel at the Public Appointments Service since its inception in 1996; has served on numerous interview boards for internal appointments within the Gardaí and currently sits on a number of competency based interview panels both in the public and private sector.

As well as distinguished careers and extensive experience in a variety of areas, Noel McLoughlin has completed a course at the Public Appointments Service specifically focused on interviews for Garda applicants and have also prepared, in their private capacity, a number of applicants with a success rate of 95%.

Competitive selection process

When the first Garda recruitment drive since the public sector hiring freeze was launched before Christmas in 2013, over 20,000 people applied for 300 positions.

Garda IP gives you the edge over other candidates

Garda IP offers a one-to-one coaching session offering years of insight into what is required to be a member of the force.

With vast personal experience in policing, communications and the needs of the Gardaí, Garda IP will help you make the very best of your application, and mentor you in how to showcase yourself to your best advantage during the interview process.

The Garda selection process is a competitive one, so learning how to show yourself and your skills in the best light from an officer who understand Garda requirements is a huge advantage.

The application process is a detailed one, conducted in several stages from initial application to psychometric testing and skills evaluation, and finally the selection interview itself.

During the interview process, the Garda recruiters will be looking for candidates based on specific competencies required for the role.

Garda IP will help candidates understand what these competencies are, and how to best demonstrate them during your interview.

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