An Garda Siochana Trainee Recruitment Campaign 2024

Last month as part of Budget 2023 commitments, the government announced that between 800 and 1,000 new Garda Trainees will be recruited in 2024.  This new Garda Trainee competition will be launched on January 15th 2024. This is fantastic news for applicants – you have been patiently waiting for an announcement.

As the experts in Garda Recruitment Preparation (as an ex senior officer, unlike our competitors, I actually wore the Garda uniform!), GardaIP has been inundated with queries from potential candidates about the launch of a new recruitment drive, in particular from those aged between 35 and 50. We therefore anticipate a huge number of applications for this campaign.  It will be an extremely competitive process, however with the right level of preparation you will achieve your dream career.

The first step to applying to An Garda Síochána is to register your interest through the Public Appointments Service on Candidates should not confuse registering (i.e. Creating a Profile on with submitting an application. Here you will sign up to be notified when the PAS actually launch the Garda recruitment campaign – as mentioned this is expected very soon!.

When the PAS launch the Garda Recruitment Campaign you can then access the Application Form, complete and submit it. The Public Appointments Service (PAS) is the centralised recruiter for An Garda Síochána and they will process the candidates on their behalf. Eligibility criteria and requirements are outlined at the start of a campaign in a booklet called ‘Notes for Candidates’ which is a downloadable document.


Below is a reminder of the Steps in the Garda Trainee Competition.

Become a Garda

GardaIP, the Experts in Garda Trainee Preparation


Can I get help with the Stage 1 Online Assessment?

Yes you can! GardaIP are here to take the fear out of the tests for you and help you practice and prepare to ensure success at the Stage 1 Online Assessment. Our Online Tutorials will prepare you with confidence to be ready to sit the Verbal Reasoning Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, and the Job Simulation Exercises.


Our tutorials are sharp, concise, and mirror the conditions you will encounter with the real thing. All our Tests are timed and provide Instant Feedback. You can practice for all of the above and learn to be perfectly focused on the day, able to take all the Tests in your stride and feel confident of moving to Stage 2.

You can purchase our Stage 1 Course here.

Do not hesitate to contact Noel if you have any queries in relation to the Garda Recruitment campaign 2024.

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  1. Mary Therese Mcdonagh

    I would like to be garda when I was little girl I dream of becoming one

  2. Aine

    Currently In Dunboyne college studying social care / applied social studies , reason why I am studying this course is to gain more skills and experiences before I join an Garda Síochána I am hoping to join in 2021 , so I feel this will be great help before joining

  3. Sophie Conlon

    Hi my name is Sophie Conlon. I am 21 years old. I have a great interest in joining An Garda Síochàna I am not 100% sure on what to do to get started I paid €120 on stage 1 with Career Preparation I got lost through it as I’m not great with aptitude tests. Is there anywhere to start for complete learners something more simplified to begin with? This would be greatly appreciated
    Kind Regards
    Sophie Conlon

  4. Martin carden

    Hi very interested in the position

  5. Eoin Byrne

    Always wanted to be a member of the Guards

  6. Noreen OSullivan

    Would love to do this course to learn more

    1. James

      I would love to become a member off the Garda please I’m 18 years old

  7. Aoife Valentine

    Since I was a young girl, hearing all my grandads stories from the army and stories from his friends who were guards. I wanted to do something in that field. I think the guards do an amazing job and would love to be a part of the team.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Shane,

      You need to register for a recruitment campaign alert with public jobs. A recruitment campaign has not been announced yet for 2021. I’m happy to talk you through the process.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Anita

        Do you know if it has been announced about recruiting yet ?

        1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

          Hi Anita,

          No announcement about recruitment has been made yet.


  8. Dion Curran

    Interested in becoming a member of An Guarda Síochána. Currently in the process of registering on Is there a preparation course recommended before applying?

    Thank you.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Dion,

      That’s great news that you are considering a carer in An Garda Síochána. Give me a call at 086-8386791 or send me a mail and we can talk about how best to prepare.


      1. Dale Howard

        Hi guys, have a great interest in joining the guards, but I don’t know what’s going on with recruiting or how to start or prepare, would love some feedback on this and some information!
        Thank you,

        1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

          Hi Dale,

          Best to contact me directly. all my details are on the site.


  9. Aoibheann

    Hi Noel-John,
    I have registered with and am awaiting the launch for the recruitment campaigns for An Garda Síochána.
    Which category do An Garda Síochána fall under when setting up a job alert via I do not want to miss out on the launch.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Aoibheann,

      Great that you are keen on a career in an Garda Síochána. To answer you query; To register your interest you must have a “User Account” on If you have not already done so, you must register as a ‘New User’ to create your Profile (register a New Account). Once registered, you can set up a job alert for positions within An Garda Síochána. In the section “Create Job Alert” under Job Category select “Security/Emergency Services” and Sub Category “Garda” then “Add alert”. Candidates should not confuse registering (Creating a Profile) and setting up a job alert with submitting an application. Once the position is advertised you must then access the application form, complete and submit it.

      Hope that helps,

  10. David Ryan

    Very interested in joining An Garda Siochana, recently completed a course on Forensics and Criminology which I found very interesting. I am working full time since I left secondary school. Will this affect my chances of applying that I never went to third level. Its totally the career I would love.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi David,

      Absolutely not – a third level qualification is not a minimum entry requirement. Your course in Forensics and Criminology will stand to you too – well done. Happy to talk through any other queries you may have. My contact details are on the site.


  11. Lauren

    Hi I was just wondering I always wanted to be a guard but I never done Irish in the leaving cert or any other language except English I also done a level 5 course I was wondering would I be eligible for it?

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Lauren,

      I’m happy to talk you through the minimum entry requirements. My contact details are on the site.

      Talk soon,

  12. Corey Ryan

    Hi I’m interested in applying for an Garda Síochána but I’ve only done a criminology qqi level 5 in college and done Spanish as a second language would this affect my chances of getting into an Garda Síochána

    1. Corey Ryan

      Also I’ve only done leaving certificate applied in school my result was a merit would that meet educational requirements

  13. Joseph Doherty

    I have always want to be garda but I’m not sure where to start really, I passed my leaving cert and I have a degree in Computer Security and Digital forensics and I’m currently working as IT Engineer but I’m sure where to go.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Joseph,

      Give me a call and I’ll talk you through the process. Contact details on the site.


  14. David Byrne

    My name is David Byrne, I am taking the step to go back and do what I always to do being a member of an Garda Siochana, I have completed my leaving certificate but sat foundation level Irish and didn’t have another language, is there an alternative or could I study Irish in the meantime and would that be enough as a requirement. As of yesterday I have applied to go back to college to study Criminology & Social Studies. I am also very interested in joining the Garda Reserve to improve my chances although I am having trouble with finding how to apply. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi David,

      Best to contact me directly on 087 2508958 and we’ll discuss in detail.


  15. Neil.K


    With regards to waiting for the notification on, I joined it a few months ago and never received a notification for the advertisement being posted. Are they not recruiting this year due to covid or another reason? Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Niall,

      My advice is to follow up directly with the PAS.


  16. Louise Coyle

    Hello I recently registered my Interest in applying to Join An Garda Siochana on and created a Job Alert to be notified for when the next Garda Recruitment 2021 will be? Does someone know when that will be? Also will I be emailed or do I check for updates/news on publicjobs website? Thanks.

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Delighted that you are considering a career in An Garda Siochana.

      According to Govt sources its expected that there will be a recruitment campaign in 2021. See The Minister of Justice has recently said it will be Q4 – that’s September / Oct period –

      You will receive a notification alert in your publicjobs account when the campaign is launched.


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