Garda Recruitment 2024: 1,000 more Gardaí to be recruited in 2024

Garda Commissioner & new Garda Trainees

An Garda Síochána will recruit between 800 and 1,000 new members in 2024. Recruits will immediately receive a higher weekly allowance in an effort to increase recruitment numbers. This payment has been raised from €184 per week to €305 per week under the new budget.

As part of a new rule change, An Garda Síochána will now accept new recruits up to the age of 50 in an effort to increase the number of recruits and create a more diverse skills and ethnic mix in Irish policing.

As the expert in Garda Recruitment preparation, GardaIP has been inundated with queries from potential candidates about the launch of a new recruitment drive. We anticipate a huge number of applications for this campaign. It will be an extremely competitive process. Below is a reminder of each stage in the process.

The first step to applying to An Garda Síochána is to register your interest through the Public Appointments Service on Candidates should not confuse registering (i.e. Creating a Profile on with submitting an application. Here you will sign up to be notified when the PAS launch the Garda recruitment campaign on January 15th 2024.

Note the Recruitment Campaign has not been launched yet. When the PAS launch the Garda Recruitment Campaign you can then access the Application Form, complete and submit it. The Public Appointments Service (PAS) is the centralised recruiter for An Garda Síochána and they will process the candidates on their behalf.

GardaIP have you covered every step of the way. Do not hesitate to contact Noel at 087 2508958 if you have any queries in relation to the 2024 Garda Recruitment campaign.


  1. Aisling Mahon

    Hello I am just wondering if joining the Garda reserves is a good idea prior to application?

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Aisling,

      The Garda Reserves are presently not recruiting subject to a wider strategic review by Garda leadership.


  2. Emmet Fitzgerald

    Hello, I was wondering when recruitment will commence for the gardai in 2022?

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Emmet,

      Following the Minister for Justice announcement on Dec 16th 2021, I anticipate that a campaign will be launched January 2022.


  3. Emma

    Is there an age limit for joining the Gardai?

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Yes, 35 years

  4. Linda

    Hi do you think they will abolish the age limit or even rise it .

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      Hi Linda,

      I think the only big change for this campaign will be the one announced pre-Christmas re eligibility criteria and need for only 1 fluent language.


  5. Domenico Cione

    I am an Italian boy. I would like to know if an English certificate is required as a requirement to participate? what must an Italian do to participate? Thanks so much

  6. Oliver

    Hi Noel, is there anyway, I can set up an alert when the recruitment opens? Also I attended a webinar for the garda recruitment process through a third party company who help with the application process. Is there any (free) ways to try and gather as much Information and knowledge as possible?

    Kind regards Oliver

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      We, at GardaIP, run regular Q&A interactive sessions via Zoom with Garda Trainee applicants. You hear about it through joining our regular email bulletin – see

  7. conor

    Hi Noel i was just wondering where you submit the application form to? cant find it anywhere. Thanks

    1. Noel-John McLoughlin​ Post author

      You apply through Public Jobs. The application process is managed by the Public Appointments Service on behalf of An Garda Síochána.

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