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GardaIP - Irish Assessment - Garda Recruitment 2021

If you are getting ready for the 2021 Garda Recruitment campaign and are concerned about the second language requirement then read on!

One of the requirements for the position of Garda Trainee is that candidates must have 2 languages at Leaving Certificate level. If your qualifications do not meet this standard you may apply to be invited to have your level of Irish assessed (both written and oral). Typically this affects those candidates that sat their Leaving Certificate and passed Ordinary Level English but failed Ordinary Level Irish and did not sit an international language like French, German, or Spanish.

Let me first explain the language requirements for Garda Entry.

Applicants must have a proven proficiency in two languages; one of which must be Irish or English. What the PAS means by ‘proven proficiency’ is you must have achieved either;

  1. the relevant grades (D3 minimum at Ordinary Level) in an Irish Leaving Certificate or
  2. passed an Irish Assessment set out by the Public Appointments Service (PAS). {Note, at present the PAS only provide this Assessment for Irish although a proven proficiency in a 2nd language i.e. if you are Polish and speak fluently this is deemed acceptable}

Your assessment will only take place once you have successfully qualified at all other stages of the campaign process. If you qualify at the Stage 3 Interview your name will be forwarded to Garda HQ to begin processing for the next stage but until such time as you complete and qualify at your Irish Assessment, unfortunately you will not be deemed eligible to progress. So in short you MUST pass the Irish Assessment!

The contents and scoring mechanism used by the PAS at the Irish Assessment consists of 2 parts.  There is typically a one hour break between each part.

Oral Assessment (Duration 15 minutes) – 60 Marks Total:

This comprises conversation on ordinary topics with two assessors. You will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the main points of standard speech on ordinary topics and enter into conversation using frequently used phrases and vocabulary.

You are assessed on your ability to communicate in the Irish language under the following criteria: Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Understanding.

 The assessors typically ask you questions about you and your family, expect to be asked about school and university. They will ask you about your social life i.e. cinema, pubs, nightclubs. Be prepared to talk about hobbies and interests, holidays etc. If you do not understand the question they will ask you in English to help you.

You must achieve 24 marks in order to pass the Oral Assessment.

Written Assessment (Duration 1 hour) – 60 Marks Total

  • Section 1 Essay (150-200 words) – 30 Marks – 2 Topics of choice
  • Section 2 Comprehension Test – 15 Marks – 5 Questions
  • Section 3 Translation from English to Irish – 15 Marks – 5 sentences to translate.

You are assessed on your ability in written Irish. Criteria may include the following:

Content, literacy, spelling, use of language, structure and layout, accuracy and grammar.

You must achieve 24 marks in order to pass the Written Assessment however you still need to pass both oral and written in order to pass the Irish exam.

Ok so that’s all the heavy stuff out of the way.

Tutor Garda Irish Language assessment

GardaIP has an expert Irish Tutor who will ensure you pass the Irish Assessment

If you are reading this for the first time, I know it looks intimidating and a little overwhelming – bet it takes you right back to your schooldays too!

The good news is that GardaIP retains the services of a qualified Irish teacher with over twenty years teaching experience at both second and third level.  Her track record of preparing candidates for the Irish Assessment is exceptional.  She has a 100% success rate – every candidate she has prepared to date has passed the Assessment!

To book a session with our Irish Tutor please contact Noel-John today at 086-8386791.



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