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From former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin

Garda Interview Preparation from High Ranking Officer

95% Success Rating from Garda Interview Preparation If you want to maximise your chances of succeeding in the crucial the interview stage in the application process to join An Garda Síochana, you now have the option to get the very best of tips, hints and coaching from a retired high-ranking officer. ‘Garda IP’ is an […]

What is Psychometric Testing and why is it part of the Garda Recruitment process?

A huge number of people applied to An Garda Síochana in 2019 – over 6,000 people. I expect the number of applicants to be significantly bigger in the 2021 Garda Recruitment campaign. As part of the comprehensive selection process, psychometric testing is used at Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the recruitment process to help […]

NOW OPEN: 2019 Garda Campaign

A new 2019 Garda Recruitment Campaign has been launched by the Minister of Justice for Garda Trainees. The Public Appointments Service are the centralised recruiter for an Garda Síochána and will process candidates on their behalf. Applications can only be made on the PAS website. A full list of eligibility criteria can be found in […]

Is being a Garda Reserve an advantage when applying for An Garda Síochana?

People often wonder if being a member of the Garda Reserves is an advantage when applying to be a full-time member of An Garda Siochana. Answers from the Oireachtas The answer is on record in the Written Answers from the Department of Justice and Equality as follows: May 19th 2015 “To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality […]

Garda Pay Scale and Benefits

Garda Trainees will receive an allowance of €184 per week for the 34 weeks of training at the Garda Training College Templemore.  €184 may sound like a small sum but it’s important to note that accommodation and food is provided free of charge by the Garda College. Garda Trainees attest or graduate from Phase 1 […]

Garda to Sergeant Promotion – Psychometric Test

Last week the Government introduced new regulations that will reform the promotion process for Garda to Sergeant. Below I explain the details of the changes and how GardaIP can set you up for success for promotion to the next rank. New Regulations The new promotion process will be carried out under the remit of the […]

Garda Recruitment 2022: 800 more Gardaí to be recruited in 2022

There will be an additional 800 Gardaí recruited to the force next year, the Public Expenditure Minister has confirmed. Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Michael McGrath said he is making funds available for the recruitment of 800 Gardaí and 400 Garda civilian staff in 2022. Today’s Budget includes an additional €145m for the justice […]

Garda Trainee Recruitment January 2022 – we’ve got you covered

Big news breaking this morning. A Garda Trainee Recruitment campaign will be launched in the New Year – January 2022. 800 new Garda Trainees will be recruited. It was announced today my Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee. I have spoken to a large number of you about your concerns on the requirement for applicants to […]

Irish Language Assessment – GardaIP has you covered!

  If you are getting ready for the 2021 Garda Recruitment campaign and are concerned about the second language requirement then read on! One of the requirements for the position of Garda Trainee is that candidates must have 2 languages at Leaving Certificate level. If your qualifications do not meet this standard you may apply […]

An Garda Siochana Trainee Recruitment Campaign 2022

Last month as part of Budget 2022 commitments, the government announced that 800 new Garda Trainees will be recruited in 2022.  This new Garda Trainee competition will be launched in early 2022 – most likely end of January. This is fantastic news for applicants – you have been patiently waiting for an announcement for nearly […]

When is the next Garda Recruitment Campaign – will it happen in 2023?

Ok so you are in the Waiting Room – I know exactly how you feel. You are concerned about the timing of the next Garda Recruitment Campaign. Unfortunately, as a private service provider, I cannot answer that question as I am not privy to these decisions. GardaIP have no affiliation with the Public Appointments Service. […]

Garda Trainee Recruitment 2023 – Advantages of choosing GardaIP

There are many benefits to utilising the services of GardaIP for Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 preparation, but one of the most beneficial elements must be the one-on-one coaching. Although GardaIP is no longer the only Garda Entry Preparation provider in the market, they are the only provider offering 100% dedicated one-to-one tutoring […]

What are the Core Competencies for An Garda Síochána Trainees – Garda Trainee Recruitment 2023?

What are Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana Trainees? All levels of An Garda Síochana now use competency-based interviews to determine the merits and suitability of candidates. From potential new recruits, to serving Gardaí who want to apply for specialist units or internal promotion, everyone has to master competency- based interview techniques as they are […]

The Key Qualities of a Good Garda – Career in An Garda Síochána 2023

Many of the on-the-job skills required of a member of An Garda Síochána are taught throughout the comprehensive and intensive training process. All of those skills will be reinforced daily once on the job, as the mentorship and collegiate nature of being a member of the force is a continual factor. However, there are certain […]

Expert help to Pass the Stage 1 & Stage 2 Garda Assessment – Garda Recruitment 2023

The Garda Assessment Test Candidates who hope to become new Garda recruits will enter a multi-stage process. Stage 1 will involve Aptitude tests and a Self-Assessment Questionnaire to discover some of the more hidden personality traits of each candidate, as well as discovering more about each candidate’s skills. Can I get Help with the Garda […]

Top Five Reasons to Join An Garda Síochána in 2023

Are you considering a career with An Garda Síochána? With an Garda Recruitment Campaign imminent, now is the time to reflect and ask yourself, what will a career in An Garda Síochána offer me? If the idea of a job that is constantly fascinating, rewarding and varied interests you, becoming a member of An Garda […]

How do I join An Garda Síochána – Garda Trainee Recruitment 2023?

Without doubt this is the most common question we are asked at GardaIP. Let’s get in to the detail. What are the Eligibility Criteria for entry to An Garda Síochána: To be eligible for selection as a Trainee, an Applicant must: General (i) Be of good character. (ii) Be certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner […]

Garda Trainee Recruitment 2023 – Completing your Application Form

Preparing the Garda Trainee Application Form I cannot emphasise enough the importance of preparing a well-constructed and professional Garda Trainee Application Form. The form provides you with a gilt edged opportunity to present your personal achievements to date that demonstrates the competencies and necessary skills & qualities required for a career in An Garda Siochana. […]

The Physical Test – Requirements for An Garda Síochána Trainee Recruitment 2023

If you are successful at the Competency Interview and pass your Medical Assessment you will called forward to complete the Fitness Test. Like everything else, you need to understand the requirements. What is the test? What components make up the test? Of course, you then need to prepare yourself accordingly.  Here is a video that […]

How to Pass the Garda Recruitment Process – the Ultimate Insider’s Guide

Although huge numbers apply to join the An Garda Síochána every year, only a small fraction of applicants are successful. So, what is the secret to success? One word. Preparation.   This definitive guide to the Garda recruitment process has been written by former Garda Superintendent, Noel McLoughlin. Noel, a native of Westport Co Mayo, […]

Garda Trainee Recruitment 2023 – Expert Tips for the Stage 2 Garda Trainee Interview

The interview is the first opportunity An Garda Siochana has to meet you. Therefore, you want to make a good impression. Your goal is to convince them that you possess the qualities of a good Garda. Before you even enter the interview room, there are several things you will want to consider in preparation for […]

10 more Expert Tips for your Stage 2 Garda Trainee Interview

With the panel of candidates now much smaller than at the Stage 1 assessment, the Stage 2 Panel Interviews are highly competitive  Here are my top tips to succeed at this critical stage of the Garda Recruitment process.   Ensure that you have prepared yourself well in advance for the interview by doing your research […]

Garda Trainee Recruitment 2023 – The Stage 2 Competencies

In advance of being called for your Stage 3 Competency Interview here are my expert tips to help you prepare for the Panel Interview. Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana The Interview Panel will be looking for specific and relevant examples under the following competencies; Interpersonal Skills and Service Ethos Is motivated to serve others […]

How to be successful in the Stage 2 Written Exercise

To be successful in the Written Exercise, there are several important factors you should consider. These exercises are designed to assess your skills, a selection of the Garda Trainee competencies, and, of course, your suitability for a career in An Garda Síochána. Here are some key considerations: 1. Research and Prepare: Gain knowledge about An […]

Garda Trainee Stage 2 Competency Interview – Exploding the Myths!

Batches of Garda Trainee applicants are being called forward for the Stage 2 Competency Interview since August 2022. Typically a new batch is called forward each month. For those still in the ‘Waiting Room’, remember that the results of Report Writing is assessed simply as a Pass / Fail result. Candidates will get their results […]

How to Ace the Garda Trainee Competency Interview

The first batch of Garda Trainee applicants will be invited to book their Stage 2 Interview tomorrow (Wednesday June 21st 2023). The PAS will be calling forward those candidates, who placed up to and including 454 on the order of merit (OOM), to interview as part of Batch 1. For those still in the ‘Waiting […]