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Stage 1 Assessment

Why Choose GardaIP?

  • Comprehensive 25+ hours of study
  • Created by expert tutors – Noel-John McLoughlin is qualified to British Psychological Society standards in Psychometric Testing
  • Timed tests to mirror Test conditions
  • Practice at your own pace around your own schedule – in your own home!
  • Slick and professional online learning platform – can be used on any device
  • Course Content expertly designed by former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin
  • Our tutorials are sharp, concise, and mirror the conditions you will encounter with the real thing with the Public Appointments Service

Tutorial 1 – Assessment Questionnaire

  • In order to assess your potential suitability for the Garda Trainee role, the Assessment Questionnaire collects information on (a) your skills, interests and preferences and (b) your responses to potential scenarios you may face in the role.
  • You will be given a series of statements. For some of these statements, you will be asked to indicate how well they describe you, for others you will be asked how important various characteristics are in terms of what you want from a job. The final element of part a) asks you to rate how good you are compared to others you have worked or studied with on a range of skills.

Tutorial 2 – Verbal Reasoning

  • The Verbal Reasoning Test measures your ability to understand written passages and the logical evaluation of an argument. In this test you are given a passage of text that is followed by several statements. Your task is to evaluate the statements in light of the information or opinions contained in the passage and to select your answer.
  • Our comprehensive Tutorial includes:
    • Overview of the Test including expert tips, common pitfalls and how to avoid them
    • Timed Practice Tests – over 150 Questions & Answers with detailed explanations
    • Instant Feedback​ on your Answers

Tutorial 3 – Numerical Reasoning

  • A Numerical Reasoning test is a form of Psychometric assessment
  • Candidates normally required to work with graphs, tables and charts to identify key facts and figures, and apply the correct logic to form an answer in response to a worded question
  • Our tutorial is designed to demonstrate common techniques and assist you to understand and apply them.
  • BONUS MATERIAL: The tutorial includes an 80 minute Numerical Reasoning Masterclass is taught by Brendan Guildea, Ireland’s best Maths teacher. He has taught maths to both Leaving and Junior Certificate students’ for over 30 years and has also authored numerous Maths books. Brendan will teach you the solid foundations for the questions which typically come up in all Numerical Reasoning tests. At the end of the webinar you will have a strong grounding in tackling the most common types of questions, and you will be in great shape for performing your best at the Stage 1 Numerical Reasoning Test.
  • Our comprehensive Tutorial includes:
    • Overview of the Test including expert tips, common pitfalls and how to avoid them
    • Expert Explainer Video – step by step we walk you through Percentages, Averages, Ratios
    • Timed Practice Tests – over 280 Questions & Answers with detailed explanations
    • Instant Feedback on your Answers

Tutorial 4 – The Written Exercise

The Written Exercise is designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in writing and assess their critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Candidates are required to provide well-structured and coherent written responses, demonstrating their understanding of the issues presented and their ability to analyse and articulate their thoughts effectively. The purpose of the Written Exercise is to assess the candidate’s aptitude for written communication, their ability to comprehend and interpret information, and their capacity to make sound judgments and decisions.

  • Our comprehensive Written Exercise Tutorial includes:
    • Overview of the Test including expert tips, common pitfalls, and how to avoid them
    • How to Structure your Response
    • How the Test is assessed & marked
    • 8 x Dedicated Scenarios along with comprehensive Responses developed by former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin
    • Responses cover the essential detail you will need to consider when sitting the assessment