Stage 2 Garda Trainee Written Exercise

Stage 2 Garda Trainee Written Exercise

Why Choose GardaIP?

  • Created by expert tutors – Noel-John McLoughlin is qualified to British Psychological Society standards in Psychometric Testing.  Noel McLoughlin has, in fact, written the book on ‘How to Pass the Garda Recruitment Process’
  • Timed tests to mirror Test conditions
  • Practice at your own pace around your own schedule – in your own home!
  • Slick and professional online learning platform – can be used on any device
  • Expertly designed by former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin – the man who actually wore the uniform so uniquely understands the job.
  • Our tutorials are sharp, concise, and mirror the conditions you will encounter with the real thing with the Public Appointments Service

Tutorial 1 – The Written Exercise

  • The Written Exercise is a new assessment introduced as part of Stage 2 in the Garda Trainee selection process. It was introduced as part of the 2023 Garda Trainee competition.
  • It is designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in writing and assess their critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. As part of stage 2, you must complete part (a), the Written Exercise, before proceeding to part (b), the Competency Interview. Candidates are required to provide well-structured and coherent written responses, demonstrating their understanding of the issues presented and their ability to analyse and articulate their thoughts effectively.
  • The purpose of the Written Exercise is to assess the candidate’s aptitude for written communication, their ability to comprehend and interpret information, and their capacity to make sound judgments and decisions.
  • Our comprehensive Written Exercise Tutorial includes:
    • Overview of the Test including expert tips, common pitfalls, and how to avoid them
    • How to Structure your Response
    • How the Test is assessed & marked
    • 8 x Dedicated Scenarios along with comprehensive Responses developed by former Superintendent Noel McLoughlin
    • Responses cover the essential detail you will need to consider when sitting the assessment

Tutorial 2 – Job Simulation

  • The Job Simulation Test attempts to identify what you would most likely do in a typical situation that you could face as a Garda Trainee. The scenarios reflect critical aspects of the job where a Garda has to use initiative and make judgements so as to provide a good service and show the ability make decisions.
  • Our comprehensive Tutorial includes:
  • Overview of the Test including expert tips, common pitfalls, and how to avoid them
  • Marking Structure
  • Sample Tests
  • Timed Practice Tests with detailed rationale behind each answer
  • Instant Feedback

Tutorial 3 – Report Writing

  • This module will assist you in preparation of the Report Writing exercise that you will be required to undertake during the course of the assessment.  We cannot emphasise enough the requirement to adequately prepare for this test. In short it demands practice.
  • Our comprehensive Tutorial includes:
  • Overview of Report Writing
  • Marking Structure
  • How to Structure a Report e.g. using rough work, layout, sequence, grammar etc
  • Report Writing Practice Exercises
  • Model Reports