Stage 2 Competency Interview

Stage 2 Competency Interview

Undoubtedly the best in the market, GardaIP offers a dedicated one-to-one session on preparing for the Stage 2 Competency Interview. You can choose a Face-to-Face session or a Zoom 1:1 session.

I cannot emphasise the next point enough. Remember, you will be interviewed by the Garda Selection Board as an individual, not as a group. Avoid group tuition or off-the-shelf Stage 2 online tutorials (i.e. somebody talking to you through a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation covering generic garbage about the interview) – they are a waste of money.

Our success rate is unmatched.  Rather than relying solely on testimonials on our website, follow previous Garda Recruitment threads on and read what previous applicants say about GardaIP.  Ask serving Garda members – yes we prepare them for interview too! All positive. All genuine.

Our one-to-one (Online or Face-to Face) session covers the following:

  • Professional advice for preparing for the interview i.e. best interview techniques and direction on what the interview board wants from each candidate and how they will assess you.
  • Practical advice for perfecting your performance on the day. How to structure your responses to the questions. Insider tips on how stronger scoring candidates answer the questions.
  • Each of the 5 competencies are probed, analysed and discussed in depth.
  • We will assist you in coming up with relevant examples for each competency and how to give structured, succinct, informative evidence on how your examples relate to the core competencies in each case.
  • We will also help you narrow down the best examples, and help you in lining up some back-up examples fully prepared if you need them during the interview, you are never caught off-guard and can remain confident and calm under pressure.
  • We will cover Situational Questions (i.e. questions where the Panel puts you in the shoes of a Garda Trainee and seeks a response to a specific challenge you will face) and how to respond to them.
  • Frequently Asked Questions such as ‘Why do you want to join An Garda Síochána?’, ‘How did you prepare for this interview’, ‘Why should we choose you versus another candidate?”, What role do you typically play in a team?’, ‘What competency is your weakest’?
  • 20 minute refresher phone call prior to your interview.