What our clients say about us

Here’s a sample of the positive feedback we have received through the years. As the only Garda Career coaching company founded and managed by an ex senior Garda officer, our expertise and reputation is unmatched in the market.

I want to say a big thank you Noel for the courses for both the online assessments and final competency interview. Completing both of these and putting in the hours made such a difference! Get yourself on these courses!!!!

Brian Smith,


If your serious about joining An Garda Síochána, then Noel McLoughlin is your man! I joined a few other companies claiming to help you pass first time but no joy so I signed up for GardaIP’s free content and honestly the amount of information available is amazing. Noel is a talented person with loads of knowledge about the Guards; he will get you through each stage but remember you have to do the leg work and be serious about joining. I got through the full process on my 2nd attempt and I couldn't have done it without Noel’s help! Definitely worth every penny. Thank you so much Noel. This is my dream come true!

Jazek Pizybylsti,


This is the course you need to obtain clear, concise guidance on how to pass the Garda Competency Interview. Don’t take it for granted that STAR is the way to succeed. It isn’t. Noel clearly outlines the best way to structure answers, be confident and successful. I passed first time. I’m just waiting now for the results of my background check. Thanks Noel and GardaIP.

Mags Harkin,


“GardaIP is a fantastic service. I would strongly recommend contacting them before sitting your interview. Noel has interviewed Garda applicants at the public appointments service in the past. He knows exactly what the panel is looking for. That is why I chose Garda IP.”

Brian O’Toole,


“The ability to sell yourself is essential in an interview. GardaIP laid the foundation for my success. Noel spent a great deal of time coaching me on relaying relevant and specific information to the interview board.”

Ultan Mulleady,


I applied for the Guards in 2019. I’m not originally from Ireland; I felt a little overwhelmed by the process and all the stages when I looked into it. I contacted GardaIP and Noel really put me at ease. He’s a great listener and so generous with his time – no charge! The information I received was great. After that I knew I was in capable hands with GardaIP. I used them for each of the stages and yes I’m now a serving member.

Grigore Mihali,


I passed first time with great scores. You also have to put the effort in. The process is about practice it’s not a given. GardaIP has amazing material for Stage 1 and Stage 2 to get you practicing.

Jen O’Malley,


"Your one-to-one course Noel was invaluable – I was very confident approaching the final interview. Everything we prepared came up!"

Denise O’Keeffe


If you are serious about joining the Guards I would definitely recommend this service. I even spoke to Noel the night before the interview for a final run-through. A personal thanks to you for ensuring I got over the biggest obstacle!

Jarlath Staunton


Excellent preparation materials from GardaIP that helped me pass both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Thanks for all your guidance Noel. You are a fantastic inspiration and were always available on the phone if I was stuck on any aspect of the course. Your past experiences as a Garda are so interesting too – you should write a book!

Aidan Hanratty,


I used GardaIP in 2014 to join the Guards and I was successful in my first attempt with their support. I have recently worked with Noel to apply for promotion to Sergeant. I had used other providers in the past but none are equal to the support that GardaIP offers. Noel is a past member of An Garda Síochána and just gets it. He understands the job. I have, and will continue to recommend that everyone use GardaIP whether you are looking to join or get promoted. I couldn't have done either without them.

Neil Mills,


Noel McLoughlin is the perfect mentor; his guidance & reassurance is first class. Noel’s wealth of knowledge & experience provides an insightful perspective on how to tackle the Stage 1 and Stage 2 assessments, which is incredibly reassuring during such a nerve-wracking time. Supported by all his wonderful tutorial videos and practice tests, GardaIP highlights key considerations and structures for approaching the assessments which is an incredible confidence boost on the day. As an ex Superintendent, Noel is on top of the most up-to-date challenges in the job, so you really feel you are in good hands! I highly recommend GardaIP!

Laura M,


“For anyone considering choosing someone else for preparation – don’t! One-to-one coaching for the Stage 3 Interview is the only way to do it. All of the preparation is tailored to your experience instead of a general copy and paste approach. I placed no. 4 on the OOM!”

Adam Storey,


“I would have been lost, Noel, without your one-to-one interview preparation course. I was so well equipped and prepared.”

Alan Peppard,


“If you are serious about joining the Guards I would definitely recommend this service. I even spoke to Noel the night before the interview for a final run-through. A personal thanks to you for ensuring I got over the biggest obstacle.

Michael McLoughlin,


“I have recommended GardaIP to all my friends considering a career in the Guards. Noel spent a great deal of time with me teasing out practical examples to demonstrate my suitability. I’m now finished my training in Templemore!”

Bobby Grealis,


I would strongly recommend Garda IP for interview preparation. I did an individual course with Noel McLoughlin. I’ve no doubt that his practical knowledge and experience ensured that I was accepted into An Garda Siochana last year.

Maeve Gallagher


I’m now a Garda Trainee thanks to Garda IP. I thought I was prepared until I spent a half day with Noel. I’m in no doubt that his interview techniques and sample questions ensured my success.

Ben Gallagher


I bought each of the GardaIP courses, from the Application Form prep to the competency interview, and I really would not have been successful without Noel’s guidance. I started my training in Templemore last March. Thank you so so much Noel, you’ve helped me fulfil my dream!

Mairead Walsh,


Having purchased other preparation courses over the years and failed, Noel’s course was invaluable in calming my fears and putting me in the right kind of mindset to get through the Psychometric Tests. The fact that the courses were able to be put out so quickly despite the new format just goes to show how tuned in to the recruitment process Noel is. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better alternative. Believe me - I've tried, and those other courses simply don't compare! I never bought the Interview course because my background is in HR, but made use of Noel’s free material and, most importantly, the free advice that Noel provided over the phone (he takes calls!). With that in mind, the value for money is incredible.

Eamon Byrne,


“I would highly recommend GardaIP for anyone that is serious about joining the Guards. I did an individual course with Noel and I have no doubt that his interview techniques and tailored responses ensured I was confident doing my interview.”

Michelle Heslin,


“I would highly recommend the courses offered by GardaIP to get yourself prepared for the Garda recruitment campaign. It gives you the best opportunity to perform on the day. I’ve no doubt that I would not have passed each stage without the help from Noel.”

Donal Coffey,


“I was unsuccessful the first time I applied. Next time I took a different approach. I contacted Noel and he gave me excellent advice about how to approach it next time round. Not only was he available then but I regularly contacted him all the way through each stage for advice and encouragement. He is so approachable – dead sound.”

Jennifer Deasy,


“I’m now based in Dublin city centre working in Community Policing and I love my job! My brother, a detective in Coolock, recommended Noel – he was his Superintendent when he first joined. GardaIP prepared me all the way, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. If you are serious about joining An Garda Síochána I would recommend Noel and GardaIP”.

Graham Reid,


I recently spent a half day of intensive preparation with Noel McLoughlin. His course was very tailored and practical. I felt very confident tackling the interview. Everything we covered came up. I passed!

David Maguire


‘I found the Stage 1 and Stage 2 online tutorials really helpful. It got me to a level higher than I ever expected with the learning exercises and step by step layout. I would recommend GardaIP to anybody serious about a career in An Garda Síochána’

James Kavanagh