The Stage 1 & Stage 2 Garda Assessment:

The Garda Assessment Test

Candidates who hope to become new Garda recruits will enter a multi-stage process.

Stage 1 will involve Aptitude tests and a personality testto discover some of the more hidden personality traits of each candidate, as well as discovering more about each candidate’s skills.

Can I get Help with Aptitude and Psychometric Testing?

Yes you can.GardaIP are here to take the fear out of the tests for you and help you practice and prepare to ensure success at both the unsupervised Stage 1 Assessments and supervised Stage 2 Assessments.

Many applicants let themselves down in an exam as they fail to apply their knowledge or showcase their ability to gain a high place in what has become a very competitive undertaking.

We know that merely memorising material or Garda guidelines will not suffice. We show candidates how to apply their knowledge in a way that shows they have made the connection between the material and what the examiners want to see from a potential recruit.

Offering the services of qualified tutors who understand the nature of these types of tests, GardaIP can help reveal the exact skills and information you will need to perform under pressure on the day.

Candidates can maximise their chances of doing well on aptitude and psychometric testing by being relaxed and calmly confident, and learning in advance how to:

  • Systematically analyse and breakdown complex ideas into plain language to master issues presented to them during testing
  • See through innocent-seeming pitfalls
  • Be organised and relaxed
  • Learn how to focus on the positive and know the right answers before seeing them


GardaIP offer excellent Online Tutorials to assist with

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning


Your ability to reason quickly and logically is important in a Garda role, and your analytical abilities will be key.

You can train for a test that measures these skills, so you can optimise your results.

Can I get help with Job Simulation and Report Writing?

As part of the Garda selection process, each candidate may be asked to perform a Job Simulation exercise; view a video and write reports.

The Job Simulation exercise is designed to see what each candidate would be likely to do when presented with a scenario typical of what could occur in a job situation.

This exercise measures a range of skills and qualities required in the Garda role which range from taking responsibility for making decisions to providing a quality service to the local community.

As part of a Garda’s duties he/she is required to write descriptions of incidents which he/she encounters e.g. a traffic accident or attending the scene of a robbery. It is important that the descriptions are very accurate. This Report Writing exercise is used to get a measure of the candidate’s ability to produce a concise, accurate description of a situation.

Experts in Stage 1 & 2 Preparation:

Our Online Tutorials will prepare you with confidence to be ready to sit the Garda Aptitude tests (Verbal & Logical Reasoning), the Job Simulation Exercises, and the Report Writing module.

Our tutorials are sharp, concise, and mirror the conditions you will encounter with the real thing.

We have also included tutorials that will prepare you for the unsupervised Stage 1 Skills Experience Questionnaire.  This includes exercises on Personality Profile and Social Skills.

You can train for all of the above and learn to be perfectly focused on the day, able to take all testing in your stride and not be harried, hurried or panicked.

Click here to sign up today for our Stage 1 and Stage 2 Online Tutorials or call Noel and he’ll talk you through our Preparation course

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