What are the Core Competencies for An Garda Síochána Trainees – Garda Trainee Recruitment 2024?

What are Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana Trainees?

All levels of An Garda Síochana now use competency-based interviews to determine the merits and suitability of candidates.

From potential new recruits, to serving Gardaí who want to apply for specialist units or internal promotion, everyone has to master competency- based interview techniques as they are used all across the Garda organisation, from entry level to lateral appointments and promotions.

What is Competency-based Selection?

A competency is a skill, aptitude or behaviour. An organisation will analyse a role, and then identify the key competencies needed to perform that role.

Once the competencies for the role are determined, a set of behavioural indicators are also established to help measure those competencies.

This allows organisations such as the Gardaí to establish the demands of the job and then find the best fit in a candidate.

Applicants for the job must then provide evidence of having the necessary traits, and provide personal, concrete examples of past performance.

Core Competencies for An Garda Síochana

The core competencies for new applicants to An Garda Síochana are as follows:

1. Interpersonal Skills and Service Ethos

Is motivated to serve others / the public, is helpful and engages with others in a positive and constructive way that facilitates relationship building, underpinned by respect and a sensitivity to others’ needs.  Possesses sound social skills such as sensitivity to the situation, the ability to listen and understand a range of perspectives and needs, and respond with appropriate language and actions.

2. Exercising Authority

Demonstrates the ability and willingness to take a clear and credible lead, having the self-assurance to make rapid, well-judged and potentially unpopular decisions, executing them and standing by them.

3. Conscientiousness

Operates diligently, honourably and proactively, getting work done to the required standards and putting in effort.  Demonstrates professionalism and persistence, being motivated to do the right thing and seeing tasks through to the end, despite adversity.

4. Resilience

The ability to cope with a demanding workload and to deal calmly and objectively with difficult situations, crises and trauma. Demonstrates a desire for continual learning and self-development, seeking and accepting feedback from others.

5. Using Information & Problem Solving

Demonstrates strong problem solving skills with an ability to effectively assimilate and evaluate information from a range of sources to support good quality decision-making and generate solutions that meet the needs of a given situation or wider objective.

Uncertain of how to approach Competency Based Interview?

With a little guidance and an understanding as to the purpose of competency based interviews, Garda IP can help you approach them successfully.

Each candidate will be expected to give solid, factual examples of incidences where they applied each competency. Garda IP will show you how to do so in order to best demonstrate your abilities. For instance, how did a certain situation allow you to demonstrate good judgement and decision making and were the results of your actions.

We will assist you in coming up with relevant examples for each competency and how to give structured, succinct, informative evidence on how your examples relate to the core competencies in each case.

We will also help you narrow down the best examples, and help you in lining up some back-up examples fully prepared if you need them during the interview, you are never caught off-guard and can remain confident and calm under pressure.

Thorough preparation is the key to success – nobody prepares to fail, they merely fail to prepare. Garda IP can make sure you are prepared to be your very best.

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