When is the next Garda Recruitment Campaign – will it happen in 2023?

I was wrong!!  I predicted a Garda Recruitment campaign in late 2023 however it will be launched January 15th 2024.

Ok so you are in the Waiting Room – I know exactly how you feel. You are concerned about the timing of the next Garda Recruitment Campaign. Unfortunately, as a private service provider, I cannot answer that question as I am not privy to these decisions. GardaIP have no affiliation with the Public Appointments Service. The Public Appointments Service run the first three Stages of the Garda Recruitment process on behalf of the Garda Commissioner and the Minister for Justice and Equality. (By the way the second three stages, Physical, Medical, & Background Check, are managed by the Garda Commissioner).

However, I can give you my personal view on the matter. I believe that there will indeed be a Recruitment Campaign in 2023. I’m a stickler for facts.

So let me show you where I gather my facts on the subject of Garda Recruitment. Here you go – https://www.oireachtas.ie/. All you need to do is search for ‘Garda Recruitment’ and you will get access to all the Dáil Questions & Debate around Garda Recruitment.

So let’s get into the detail now. Below is a screengrab from a recent Q&A between a TD and the Acting Minister for Justice and Equality. I’ll let you read it…….





Ok, so the big takeaways for you from the above are;

1. An Garda Síochána has been allocated an unprecedented budget of €1.9 billion for 2023. This level of funding is enabling sustained, ongoing recruitment of Garda members and staff. As a result, Garda numbers are some 14,600 Garda members and over 3,100 Garda staff nationwide. In fact the ambition is to boost Garda member numbers to 15,000 – so they need you to apply & join to hit this target.

2. Every year there are both retirements and resignations in An Garda Síochána. So naturally to address this churn, it’s equally important that new Gardai (i.e. you!) are recruited.

3. It is hugely positive for you that new Trainees have recently (October 2022) started their training at the Garda College, Templemore. There will another intake in February 2023 and every 3 months ongoing after that.

I really hope that this is giving you encouragement. Remember my previous post on Mindset – wire yourself positively. It will happen for you.

I want you to achieve your dream of joining An Garda Siochana. Don’t leave your preparation to chance.

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