Garda Recruitment Process Explained

Garda Recruitment Process Explained

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time and you’ve decided that now the time is right to go for it! – excellent.When you reach that point it can be an exciting time and you probably want toget started sooner rather than later, because after all, the sooner you get the ball rolling the sooner you’ll “be in”, right?Easy tiger, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Let me explain.

Firstly, how long is it going to take to complete the application process?The Application process consists of 5 stages.It can typically take between 12-18 months frominitial application to being called for training at the Garda College, Templemore.Completing the application process guarantees an applicant of nothing. All it does is get you onto a waiting list. The application is such a competitive process that success will ultimately come down to how well you can score as you navigate through each of the stages.

Garda Recruitment - Step by Step

The first step to applying to An Garda Síochána is to register your interest through the Public Appointments Service on www.publicjobs.ieCandidates should not confuse registering (i.e. creating a Profile on with submitting an application. Once you have created a Profile you must then access the Application Form, complete and submit it. The Public Appointments Service is the centralised recruiter for An Garda Síochána and they will process the candidates on their behalf.

The Garda Trainee Application Form should be completed with care. As the numbers of potential candidates are so large, your Application Form is your first opportunity to stand out from the crowd and should be carefully written. It also plays a pivotal role at the Stage 3 Competency Interview. 

In the Application Form you must provide details on:

  1. Academic, Professional, or Technical Qualifications: Second level / Third level / Professional / Qualifications plus results attained.
  2. Employment History: Starting with your present or most recent employment you must briefly describe your role and responsibilities
  3. Voluntary or Community Work: You must provide detail of any voluntary or community work you have done which relates to the role of Garda Trainee.
  4. Hobbies & Interests: You must list any hobbies or interests which may berelevant to the role of Garda Trainee.
  5. Supplementary Information: This section provides an opportunity to detailany other relevant information in support of your application.

Don’t leave the completion of your Application Form until the last minute! If you need assistance completing the Garda Trainee Application Form Click here.

The Stage 1 Online Assessment of the competition is an unsupervised assessment which you take at home.

This Assessment includes:

  1. Assessment Questionnaire (Personality Test)
  2. Logical Reasoning Test
  3. Verbal Reasoning Test

Your results in these tests decides your placing (referred to as the Order of Merit i.e. OOM) on the list of candidates.

If you’re thinking about taking this Assessment without preparing properly to….” See how you go”, you’ve missed the point about the need to get your best score and boosting your position on the Order of Merit.

Don’t take the tests for granted. Be prepared.  Purchase our Stage 1 Online Course here

The Stage 2 Assessments is a repeat of Stage 1 in a supervised environment along with 2 additional Tests.  The Assessment typically takes place at the PAS Offices in Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. ** Note this may change in 2020/21, given restriction of movement due to Covid-19.

Stage 2 is made up of the following Assessments:

  1. Re-test of the two Aptitude Tests undertaken in the first stage i.e. Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning
  2. Job Simulation Exercises
  3. Report Writing Exercise

The test is conducted in supervised conditions to ensure that candidates did not cheat when attempting the Stage1 online assessments without supervision.

The failure rate in these Tests is high. Your results in these tests decides your placing on the list of candidates and dictates where you are placed in the Order of Merit. The higher you score, the faster the turnaround in time to your Stage 3 Competency Interview.

Don’t take the tests for granted. Be prepared. Your results in these tests decides your placing on the list of candidates.

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Stage 3 is a formal Competency Based Interview. The competencies, which are predefined by the 3-person interview board, are key skills deemed necessary to serve effectively as a member of An Garda Síochána.

The Interview typically lasts 45 minutes and takes place at the PAS Head Office in Dublin. ** Note this may change given restriction of movement due to Covid-19. It may be conducted via Video Conference.

Your interview will largely focus on the content in your Application Form. It is an examination of five competencies.

The 5 competencies are:

  1. Exercising Authority
  2. Resilience
  3. Conscientiousness
  4. Interpersonal Skills & Service Ethos, and
  5. Using Information & Problem Solving.

During the interview candidates are asked to give examples of instances when they displayed each of the competencies effectively. Most people pick examples from their previous work experience, voluntary experience, educational experience or a hobby that they enjoy.

GardaIP will coach you on how to best match your experience against each competency. We will tailor your examples and match your experience against each competency in a structured and easy to understand format. Undoubtedly the best in the market, GardaIP offers a dedicated one-to-one session on preparing for the Stage 3 Competency Interview.

Choose a Face-to-Face session or a Video Conference via Zoom or Skype.

Stage 4 is the Garda Medical examination. Successful applicants from Stage 3 will also be required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner nominated by the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána. Applicants must be of good mental and bodily health and free from any defect or abnormality likely to interfere with the efficient performance of their duties

If you are successful at the Competency Interview and pass your Medical Assessment you will called forward to complete the Fitness Test.

Stage 5 is the Physical Competence examination.

The Test is comprised of 2 separate Stages. They are all tailored and evaluated against your age category and gender. The 2 stages are;

  1. Fitness Test – 3 components
    1. Progressive shuttle run,
    2. Sit-up test (one minute time limit)
    3. Press-up test (no time limit)
  1. Physical Competence Test – 2 components
    1. Competency-based timed circuit (3 sets / laps)
    2. Push/Pull machine assessment.

Well, there you go. So, do you still want to join An Garda Síochána? Of course you do! I hope this information is helpful, please reach out if you’d like to talk about the Recruitment Process in more detail.

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